Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian with Top Line and we’re going to go over something that is so important that I’m probably going to talk about it over again because it keeps coming up and I want to make sure that you know that there are resources out there to help you and that is “How do you take a lead some of that came from Facebook?” Someone that came from AdWords, someone that came from direct mail that you might have run. How do you turn that person into a lifetime patient or how do you make sure they come in the first place because you’re probably thinking we just gave him the screaming deal, right? This what we call the “holy smokes offer.”

So, of course, they’re going to come in but they don’t always come in and if you let too much time go by between the time that they go. Hey, you know what, that sounds great and they fill out your form and the time that you contact them, if too much time has gone by, they might not even remember filling out the form in the first place. It’s shocking how often that happens now because we know this is the case and because we know that you have to treat these types of leads differently than you do someone that is a direct referral.

Make sure that patients will not forget you by reminding them of your business and by making them offers.Meaning, let’s say I go to your practice. I love going to your practice. Somebody said, “Hey, do you know a good dentist? Good chiropractor? Good orthodontics?” I say, “Yeah, absolutely! Go see him.” Now, this is a person that’s pretty much just going to come in and you don’t have to work very hard.

After that, when it’s someone that you have gotten their attention through an ad, through an offer, you’re going to have to work a little bit harder to get them to come in. What we’ve done is put together a process that you can follow and put these steps in place. So that, you know, that everything that you could possibly do to turn this lead, this person, who raised their hand and said “Yeah, that sounds good.” How do you turn them into a patient?

Now, I’m going to switch screens here. We’re going to take a look at this this PDF. Now, all of our clients that come into our program, going forward. We’re going to be giving in this and it’s not just getting this PDF. It’s understanding the value here. Cos, this is based on quite a lot of time and research and time in the field. Really, you know, making sure that we can make all this stuff work. So, how does it work?

Well, there’s multiple steps, as four steps and I’m going to go through them pretty briefly but if you would like a copy of this please, let me know. I’ll be happy to send it to you. You could probably see the link right here at the top. That’s why I just pulled this out so you can see its practicefuel.rocks . It looks, oh, actually, I take it back let me go back here.

I’m going to go and show you exactly where you can find it. practicefuel.rocks/leads-training So, you’ll see this page and then, these are all PDFs that are downloadable. So, this page here is practicefuel.rocks/leads-training Try to remember to put that in here as a link. But, I want to make sure that you have that.

Okay, so we’re going to go through this pretty quickly and I want to make sure that you understand the basics here. The first thing that I’m going to point out is that once somebody opts in, you’re going to get a notification and what you want to do, is you want to respond to that notification in ten minutes, if possible. That’s the goal. It’s not going to happen every time but that is the goal. If you can do that in ten minutes, there’s no way they’re going to forget the bay that they reached out to you. Now, obviously if it comes in on a weekend and you don’t have a call center that can do that, totally understandable. Maybe, you know, we take a look at the numbers and maybe we say, “Hey, you know what? There’s too many that are falling through the cracks that come in on weekends. We’re going to turn off your ads on weekends.” We can do that. Okay, now reach out with a text, alright? It doesn’t have to start with a phone call.

Now, if you remember on a previous video, I showed you how you can do two-way texting using a Google Voice. If you don’t have currently, have a way to do to a texting. Just open up Google Voice and set that up. I promise you, it’s so easy In my video, you’ll see it. So, you if you want to look up that video, please do. If you just want me to send it to you, let me know. But, this is what you’re going to put in. They’re going to put in ‘hi’ and in their name and then who you are and from what office, ‘congratulations on the offer’. Right, so you’re reminding them what it is. Are you free for me to call you in a couple of minutes? Now, they might be a word that might say ‘no’. So, this is why you want that two-way text messaging and it’s just again, it’s so easy. It’s free from Google Voice. So, just do it. Okay, alright. Then, they reply with the ‘yes, call immediately to schedule’. They reply with ‘not available to talk. has to schedule a time’ and then if no reply, give it a couple hours and try calling again. Between five and seven, is a good time to reach people. So, at the end of the day, if you’ve got somebody or if you kind of rotate around in on the team, have somebody that, you know, stays at the end of the day and does, you know, a couple of these to make sure that we have the best possible scenario to get people in.

Now, we have a phone script for you. I’m not going to read the whole thing but I want you to understand some of the reasons that we bring this stuff up, so you’re reminding them who you are, your office name and then congratulate them again on the special offer. So, they feel special and if it was a four, if we are running a birthday it’s special, please wish them a happy birthday. It’s shocking how often that does not happen. So, please just remind yourself that this is a special day for them. It’s a happy day. So, please say happy birthday. It goes a long way.

Okay, then, we say could you explain a little bit about what’s going on. Now, it doesn’t matter what the offer is you still want to do this. So, get them talking so that they’re going to feel relaxed and comfortable but, you know, if there’s other things you need to put in their chart to talk about, so, if they’re telling you they have other conditions, other things that you can be helping them with, you want to know that you get to do that right here.

Then, there’s an affection twerk why are we asking. Well, know if they’re employed. Okay? Then, we have some openings and then you use these terms. This terminology really does help. Would early on the week, early in the work was work best for you? You know, later in the day, earlier the day? This is called choice of two. When you give people the choice of two, it is easy for them to make a decision and pick one if you say, you know, we have some time this week what works best. That’s too much to ask of somebody when you have very, you know, just a piece of their attention. So, don’t go that far. Give them a choice that’s two. Late in the week, early in the week? Early. Great! You prefer, you know, earlier in the day or later in the day better for you? Great! So, you see that, we have all these time choice of two and then when you get right down to the day and time you give them two options and they’ll pick one, you know, nine times I tend about that every once in a while but it does work.

But, the ideas are you’re getting through this process. You’re getting them to just answer questions and get used to answering these questions. So, then you remind them of what you just set up. Did you please tell me your birthdate and address for our records. Obviously, you want to make sure that they’re old enough and you want to know that they live nearby because if they’re really far you want to check in on that, Jesus, seems pretty far you know. What makes you want to go so far and it just gives you an opportunity to have that conversation.

Then, ask him if the email that you have on file, this is the one they signed up with. Is that a good email to sent patient paperwork? Then, just follow through and send that paperwork. Remind them of the appointment.

Now, this was a pain offer. Ask them I think we’re going to pay with debit or credit card. Because, if you concur, you really want to collect that payment over the phone. So, that you avoid no-shows. It’s just very helpful. Again, if we’re doing a paid offer, get that payment upfront. If you can, if we’re running up like, I’m very expensive implant campaign, obviously, you’re not going to do this. But, if it’s something that you can, you can take a small payment over the phone. Please, do that. That will improve your your no-show rate. Then, just say thank you.

Remind them and then have a good day then step to make notation that you contacted. So, have some kind of tracking sheet. If you need that from us, we will get it to you but this is going to help you kind of keep track. So that, you know, that everyone is being followed up with. Then, email that paperwork just like you said you would. We’ll give you a little swipe file here. Tell me if you need that.

Then, step three, on the day of the appointment, send that reminder text. I remind them of that there and say, you know, looking forward to see you. See you! Then, that kind of thing and then place a reminder phone call. Here again, here’s the script. I’m not going to read all of it but the basic idea is I want you to be getting here, is that this is a process.

Now, step four is if the lead wasn’t able, before you able to reach them, you fail. If you just can’t get a hold that person, always leave a message. Alright, so use anything easily the script that we’ve got up there. But, the idea here is you do what’s called a “three-day on a one day off” basis. You call one day, text the next, call the next and then take a day off. Start again. It might sound like a lot but you do not want them to forget why you are getting in touch with them. If you think, oh, I’ll let it go a week. It’s too late then. You lost the lead. You know, that’s not a hundred percent of the time. Boy, it is often. So, call, text, call, take a break, call, text, call, take a break. Okay, so obviously, you can leave this. This message here, you can use this follow-up message. The idea behind this whole process is to help you turn these people into patients. Have them come in to you.

Now, once they come in, you want to create a great experience for them, so, that they’ll want to come back. But, don’t just rely on the great experience and assume they’re going to want to come back. Make them another offer before they leave and that can be anything that you have run before that people enjoy that people like. So, for a dental office, you know, make sure you we get you signed up for your next cleaning and we’ll give you another, you know, give you a free whitening. Make sure we get you signed up for your next cleaning because we’re running a $79 special. Whatever it is, make them an offer. Give them a reason to schedule their next appointment and you become their place of business. This is where they’re going to go.

There’s all kinds of ways to do that. So, for chiropractors, you know, give them the we call it “the red envelope”. Give them this pretty red envelope and say don’t open this up until you get home. They’re going to open it up as soon as they get into their car or walk out your door but the idea is that you’re giving them, you know, some reason to come back. It might be, you know, free massage or an upgraded massage or you know coupons to give out the front. I mean, there’s all kinds of things you can do to get them to come back.

So, hopefully, that makes sense but I’m happy to walk you through that whole process. You know, I’ve already gone here about 10 or 11 minutes. If you have any questions there, anything else we can do to support you, please let me know. Reach out. Give me a call. Shoot me a message here on Facebook, on YouTube, somewhere below it. Whatever works best for you and we look forward to seeing you soon next time on Top Line Live at Five! That’s it for me. Bye for now!

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