Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line’s Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine and I am very happy to have you with us today. I said, oh there we go, want to make sure we got that box third to work. So, what we’re going to be talking about today is how to do a very simple sort of social media audit to figure out everything working the way that it should for you.

"Focus on your most-viewed videos since it's what the audience prefer in your content."Are you getting the results that you expect? Is everything is anything happening for that matter? It also gives you an opportunity to find out what posts are getting engagement, which posts are not. Now, what I’m going to show you and I’m actually going to go right in. I want to show you how to go and look at your insights. Determine kind of what’s going on, what’s happening, what different things you can look at and you can kind of go from there.

One of the things that we’re actually looking at doing and implementing is creating social media reports. So, that you can see how many, you know, people have liked your page, how many have commented, how many share. So that, you can have sort of and rather than having it dig in and find out that information, we’re putting together systems, so that we can just send it out to you and you’d have it. So, if you’re curious about that, let me know. I’ll be happy to walk you through what that looks like. But right now, let’s jump on over to my screen and hopefully, yeah, good that came up.

So, I’m just going to look at Top Line Management and they don’t want to look at any client stuff but I wanted you to see that. The first thing that you’re going to do is up along the top here. You have page inbox, notifications, insights, publishing tools, promotions, settings, all kinds of good stuff.

Insights is where you are going to want to go and because on the insights page that is where you get sort of an overview. You can kind of see what’s redwood screen, what kind of engagement you’re getting but what I really want to show you is over here on the left, that you can look at your insights for promotions, followers, likes, reach page views. So in this case, I’m going to click on videos because we’ve just started, obviously, doing these videos and I want you to see kind of what’s going on because in the last 28 days. So, you can do custom, this quarter, this month, 28, 14, 7 and you can even do today. But, so if we just put the last 28 days in there, we’ll see that we’ve had 158 minutes have been viewed which is a nice. 457% increase over the previous 28 day period which is outstanding. Now, obviously, since we just started doing all this, actually, about two months ago. So, it’s ramping up, you got, “Hey, so thanks for watching.” So, 308 video views in the last 28 days. So, we’re really starting to get some attraction which is the whole point and I want to make sure that we continue along those lines. Now, obviously, I mean I’d like to see this beaten more of a steady growth, steady climb but the fact that we’re getting good numbers is what I am interested in.

You can kind of go along scroll on down here and we’ll show you for each video how many minutes were viewed. The good news is these are short videos. So, that’s a lot of minutes and it tells you the number of videos, video views and now, obviously, we are still just doing this all organically. We are not actually, what we call, boosting the post. We’re not saying, “Okay, Facebook. Here is, you know, $30- $40 and I want my target market to see this video.” When and then, if that happens, then we’re going to see these numbers jump way up and I’ll do another video and show you what that looks like because we are going to be doing that to kind of test on a bigger scale.

What, you guys, are more interested in what everyone wants to hear more about because, you know, we have landing pages, reviews, quick tricks about Facebook post, practice marketing and tracking. So, if we run campaigns, so ad campaigns, all of these videos and we find that the time of the minutes viewed is higher for certain ones than others and the number of people watching are higher than the others. Then, we know that this is the kind of content that you all would like more of and that’s what I want you to be considering. I want you to do that as you go through this process because you are going to be making posts and you’re going to say, “Hey, you know, what this post got a lot of activity. Let’s do more like that.” And then, we can get a lot more engagement. It’s a really solid way to just get a firm handle on what is going on with your social media. So, I want you to make sure that you knew that well.

Now, I could go on for hours. They can go through each one of these but I want you to know that you click on insights, it’ll give you your overview and then go ahead and click on some of these and if you want to see what’s going on with posts, with actions, videos, click in there. Get your details but I wanted to kind of see that, you know, in this case since we are starting to do more video that we’re going to go in. We’re going to click on videos. I’m going to track and see how we’re doing and then we would do the same thing for YouTube and see what’s happening on YouTube and any place else that we’re going to post in these videos.

Okay, I think that covers everything. Let me know what questions you have. I hope you found this engaging interesting useful and please ask me any questions that you have. Whatever we can do to help, we’re happy to do it. That’s it for me. Bye for now!

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