Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line’s Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine.I am happy to have you with us today because today we are going to talk about one of my favorite things and that is video marketing.

Aside from meeting you virtually, video marketing helps in search engine optimization.Now, obviously we enjoy doing video marketing. I’ve been doing a lot of these Live at Five’s that I plan to continue. I enjoy it. It helps me stay focused on certain things that we want to accomplish in the practice, in the business and it also is helping kind of guide things as we work with clients. Now, as we’re doing all this and we’re seeing some results of success and this has all been really kind of fun. It dawned on me that I probably haven’t spent enough time talking to you, practice owners, about video marketing, because you don’t have to do video marketing quite like this You don’t have to be, you know, in front of a camera over and over again. I find that it’s helpful it. It’s one of those things that I enjoy doing but it also helps hone down the process. It hones down what I want to be focused on. We give presentations around the country so you know having this opportunity helps, kind of, guide those presentations as well. You know, then of course, I’ve got software where I could, you know, switch my screens and do all kinds of neat things. You do not have to do any of that to be successful with video marketing.

Now, the reason that I want to make sure you understand the value behind video marketing is because it’s more than just having something out there where people get to sort of meet you virtually. Now, there is an advantage that’s something you absolutely want to consider. What it also does is, it helps with your search engine optimization. Now, when you have a video on your homepage of your website and/or you have a big link from your home page to that particular video on your website, it can help with your search engine optimization because Google is looking at time on site, when it comes to whether or not they consider your website as an authority website or not. So, if people are typically spending less than a minute on your site you’re going to have a hard time showing up in top research results, when everyone else, you know, that are in the top search results are getting a minute to three minutes. One of the best ways to increase that time is to have a video.

Now, the other thing that I mentioned which is having a link to a video is – if you have a topic or a welcome video or something that is going to get people to click on your homepage and go to an internal page, Google looks at that as well. So, when Google sees people come to your homepage and then go to an internal page. Hopefully, they’ll go to two or three internal pages. They see that as a really big signal, that they have just sent somebody to the right place. If you then take them to an internal page like a video page where they spend some time watching videos, then you are in really great shape. So, that will help kind of inch you up, if you do nothing else that can have a really solid impact.

Now, there are lots of different types of videos that you can do. I think I’ve mentioned them on other other Top Line’s Live at Five. I want to make sure you’re really considering this because if you just take your Android phone or your iPhone and you put it on a tripod, even one of those tiny little ones that just stands. Put it on a book and have it just be a little bit high. Now, the reason I want to say that, is I’m looking down at mine to make sure I’m looking up; because it really does help, when you’re talking to a camera. If people feel like you are speaking to them or up to them and you don’t want to be talking down to them, you don’t want to kind of you know be like leaning over your screen and having the camera come up because it feels uncomfortable. It feels a lot more comfortable when you’re either eye level or a little bit up. Like I am here, so, if you could just put it on something that stands a little bit higher, you can have a better result. Meaning, people are going to feel more engaged and more comfortable with you as a person on the camera.

Now, if you do not want to be on the camera and you’re like I have a face for radio and I do not want to be on camera that’s okay. There are lots of people on your team, that hopefully you can find one, that would want to be camera. Then, if you’re thinking I do, I still I don’t have anybody and I want to be the voice, well, then there’s screen capture. Right? So, you can show people slideshows and images and before and after and treatment styles. All of this can be shown via video and as long as you do it in an engaging way then you can have a real positive impact.

Now, the other thing, that can be done here is not just putting it on your website. You, then put it on your Facebook page and post it over and over again. Then, put it on your YouTube channel and post it. Well, YouTube they won’t let you post it over and over again but you can you can use that video as an ad. So, video ads right now on YouTube are unbelievably inexpensive. You can target an entire area surrounding your office and you can say, “I want to only show my video. Let’s say to a specific type of keyword search.” Meaning, that when they’re watching these types of videos, you want to show it or you can say, “I want to show that everybody within this radius and I want to just saturate. I want everyone’s seeing this video.

What’s amazing is that the way YouTube works is they only charge you if you get 30 seconds of view time or more. That means, that if you can get your video to have a very clear message and a great call to action, all in about 40 seconds, that means, the first 30, if you’re doing all the heavy lifting and only got a big boost in them to stay a little longer. But, if you are showing your video to somebody or if YouTube is showing your video to somebody that isn’t interested, they’re not going to wait 30 seconds to skip your ad, your video. So, you’ve paid nothing but you’ve gotten the view. People have seen you over. Hopefully your logo and you can do intros and exits, all this kind of stuff. So, maybe next time, I’ll show you what intro videos look like and all the kind of cool stuff that we can do for you there. But, I want to make sure that you’re thinking about video marketing. Just how important and powerful it is and when it comes to this type of thing where we streaming it. There’s things that we can do today that are amazing where we can stream it on Facebook, on YouTube all kinds of options that I want you to be considering. But, if nothing else get in front of your computer and just do screen-capture, kind of stuff, where you share your knowledge, your passion, what it is that is going to that you’re really engaged with, so that your potential patients are going to feel that passion and excitement from you.

Alright, that’s it for me I hope that I helped you out a little bit today. Let me know what kind of questions you have, what we can do to support you. That’s it for me! Bye for now.

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