Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine here with Top Line. And today, we’re going to be talking about holiday promotions and the fact that you have an opportunity to really stand out from the crowd. This is the time of year when things get really busy, really crazy and most practices start kind of winding things down knowing they’re going to be taking time off and they’ve got staffs that are taking time off and everybody’s traveling. There are all these things going on, but now is the time that you can take advantage of that fact. I want you to think that if you just like everyone else is thinking about. Okay, they’ve got the holidays coming and going to be taking time off and there’s New Year. There’s all this really fun, exciting stuff going on, but this is also a time when if you’re the one who is taking advantage of it, you can get a leg up on the competition and this is really a great opportunity.

Now, we were actually looking at all different ways of doing this and we’ve decided that we’re just going to run one very, very simple campaign and you know, for those of you who are curious, that is a is a double guarantee in and I’d be happy to walk you through what that’s all about. But the point here is doing something because people are engaging right now and social media is huge. So if you’re running any campaigns on social media right now, there are tons of eyeballs on social media, especially during the holidays because people are sending images and pictures and all this stuff. So you get to be a part of that. Now, the really cool thing is that when you’ve planned this out and you know, the early part of December. If you really plan this out, you can still take all the time off that you want because you’ve got everything set up to run so that you have your specials going and as long as you got somebody that can answer phones and schedule appointments or you can even automate that whole process of scheduling those appointments, whatever it is that you’re going to do, you don’t have to physically be in the practice in order to make that happen. So I really want you to consider that.

So I wanted to cover just a couple of things. I wrote down just some ideas so I didn’t forget. But I’m obviously holiday campaigns. Pick any holiday that you want and if you’re thinking, so we’ve got Hanukkah, we’ve got Christmas, we’ve got Kwanzaa, we’ve got new year’s. There are all these different things you might want to just say, let’s pick one that’s kind of unusual and just go the internet and say, give me the holidays for December. Give me the holidays for January and you’ll be amazed at how many fun holidays they’ll be there for you to work with. And we have holiday-themed content. I was going to try and show you an image, but here’s the point is that you could put out content that is themed around the holidays because these are everyone’s traveling and talking about and there’s all this stuff.

One, why not make your content match it, and then based on that content, then you make an offer. So what we’re talking about there, of course, there are newsletters, blog posts, images that you can put out on your social media, and all of those could lead back to a very special holiday offer. And in here, just in case you haven’t seen any of the videos that we’ve done about the reason why marketing this, this is just giving you tons of reasons for you to say, here’s why we’re making this offer. And if you’re just going to do something great and fun and you know, like a big giveaway or you want to do something where you give to a charity that you have a beautiful reason why. And I really want you to take advantage of that. How about yearend flex plans, right? We will have people have these, these plans were, if they don’t use the money that’s in there, they lose it.

So make sure that you’re reminding people of that because people obviously forget with everything else that’s going on in their lives at the end of the year, holiday pictures, if you’re a dentist and orthodontist, teeth whitening, straightening your teeth, Invisalign, there are all of these things that are happening right now. And if people are thinking about taking these holiday pictures and you’re reminding them about holiday pictures, you have an opportunity to say, we can give you that bright white smile that you deserve for all of your holiday photos coming up. And that is a great way to go. And you can even tie it into the New Year. How about starting your new year, right with the brighter smile with the straight teeth, with all this great stuff so that you can have a great holiday season next year when you are taking all those photos.

I mean, there are all different ways that you can use this now if you’re a chiropractor and you’re watching this video, the fact that lots of us travel and we sleep on couches and were visiting family and we’re going to be in pain, so why not have some kind of a before you go and when you get back special, right? Because we were going to need to get an adjustment before we go so that we can feel great and then we’re going to feel pretty lousy when we come back and so you can set up an adjustment when you get back, but these are just some quick ideas off the top of my head, but I wanted to make sure that you were thinking through this process because this really is a great time of year to be running promotions, and I don’t want you to think for one second that you can’t take vacations and you can’t leave for the holidays like everyone else.

If you’re running promotions, you absolutely can just play that. Now, get everything set up and ready. Call us. Well, they happy to walk you through some ideas and things that you can get into place, but make sure that you are doing something to capitalize on such a great time of year for running any type of a campaign that will help build your practice. All right, that’s what I wanted to cover today. I hope you enjoyed it and got some value and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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