Welcome, welcome welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine of Top Line. I can’t wait to talk to you about some think that it’s kind of near and dear to my heart and it might be something that’s a little bit different than what you’re used to hearing and that is what a lot of marketers and in business owners in general do is when they’re looking at what type of marketing to put forward in their business, their practice, whatever. They look at what their competition is doing, see if they can copy it and maybe do it better faster, cheaper, and then put that out into the market.

That is certainly one way to go. However, my recommendation for you is to look at what other industries are doing, not just your competitors. Now, it is certainly worth your time and effort to look at your competitors, especially, if you know somebody that is just doing extremely well. You want to borrow what they’re doing and and that is certainly a viable way to do that. But I’m going to prove to you that if you take some time to look at what other industries are doing and then figure out how to use that in your industry, you can do better than anyone else in your market. The reason that I say that is because one of the things that we have done recently is we’ve been working with some other industries and and learning how things work in their industry and taking what we know from dental, ortho, chiropractic and moving that to other industries and it works very well because no one’s doing it. So, I thought let’s talk about how to do it the other direction.

Borrow viable marketing techniques from well-established industries.There are a lot of ways to do that. So, what I want you to just sort of keep your eyes open and look at what you’re seeing out there that is working really well. Something that dawned on me recently that we do for other industries and we don’t necessarily do it for the orthodontist, the dentists, chiropractors and we should because I think it’s going to be extremely valuable and that is when you have a coupon.

Now, I realize that I’ve got a lot of clients that will use Valpak. They put a coupon into Valpak or they’ll do an insert in a newspaper and in that coupon or that insert, they will include, hopefully, their phone number. Hopefully, their call to action telling them, you know, do this to get that. Hopefully, holy smokes, offer an HSO.

Now, if you’ve got those things in place, those types of coupons in a Valpak and an insert can work. What we know from the restaurant industry is that, if we put a text number, you know, text this keyword to this number to get your coupon – that we get more people to actually engage with the ad. B.) We get to determine which ads are working and which ones we should completely dump. Because we are actually tracking which ones are getting what and B.) That this is the most powerful thing when they actually use the coupon. You know for sure that which coupon it was because it’s going to be right there on their phone. Because they’re getting it on their phone, you have their cell phone number. Even if it’s a, you know, text 500 to 69696969, something along those lines. Because they sent that text, the system that is doing this for you has their phone number. All you do is then respond with we’d love to, you know, glad that you take an advantage of our coupon and we’d love to be able to send that to you and click here and we’ll get it right over to you. Then, when they click there, you ask a little more information – their name, their email. You know, when they might want to come in to me, what just kind of dawned on me is that we know that it works in one industry, why not take it to another industry in, especially an industry that not only doesn’t do it but can benefit greatly by doing it.

So, if you have questions about how it works, I’d be happy to talk to you about this. It’s all really fun stuff for me. We’ve got all the tools to help you do it if you’d like some help. But, please reach out. Let me know what questions you have, how we can better serve you and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five! That’s it for me! Bye for now!

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