Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine here with Top Line. And today, we’re going to be talking about this amazing new technology I’ve talked about a few times before. However, as I dive into this technology, as I learned more about what’s possible and what it’s capable of, my mind is blown and I am just shocked at what is what is happening and I want you, anybody that’s listening to me, I want you to know that it exists.

So the reason that the title of this was would you like to be doing more second opinions is because that was like the first thing that popped in my head with this new technology is that if you would like to do more second opinions, if you know that the competition around you down the street or if there’s some big box that is just hammering the market with offers or just doing a really great job of marketing, but you know that you can do a better job for that patient.

Then have I got something for you because there is now a technology that allows us to target specific audiences based on their location. Now, you might’ve said, yeah I’ve heard it all before. It’s called Geofencing. No, it’s different. This is sort of a shocking moment that I had today when I was really getting into this because I want to understand the nuances so that my clients can really take advantage of it. But I also want it to completely understand the difference between what most people are aware of with sort of geo-targeting. It’s called hypermobile, local, and that’s just sort of a funny name for it, but that’s what most people are aware of and it just means that if you have your cell phone on you and you walk within a certain area, an ad can show up on your phone if you happen to open your phone and look at a game or look in an ad or you know, start using your phone when you’re in that location, but it will only target you when you’re in that location. And that’s the end.

So it’s not particularly effective unless you’re targeting a very specific area of people’s homes because that actually can work pretty well. However, this new technology where they call it Geo conquesting because it is crazy what’s capable of doing. The reason they call it conquesting is that essentially what happens is you can say, I want to show the people. I’m not saying that I want to show an ad and location. I’m showing. I’m saying if somebody sits in an office that is my competitor’s office and I want to grab the information from their phone and start marketing to those people specifically, you can now do that and that’s what was shocking to me. They don’t even have to open their phones. They don’t have to start browsing the internet, playing a game. Nothing. Their phone could be in their pocket and you now can grab the phone’s identification.

It’s basically called the ad Id and once you have that, once you have that data, you can then follow that phone wherever it goes from then on and what the software is able to do is to say, we found them at this location and we kept on sending them an ad, which does you get a second offer for implants to get a second offer for that neck pain or a second opinion for the neck pain or a second opinion for braces. Whatever service it is that you want to offer that second opinion for you, follow them around and then the software tracks them so that it will even tell you if they came into your practice. Because of that, I mean this is just sort of shocking what we’re capable of. So all of the things that were not quite fit with the old way of doing things but still helped are gone.

We can actually just say, here are the offices that we now have the ideal patients for us sitting right in them and we would like to, to target just those people. We want to target just those people and give them a reason to come visit you and then we can track whether or not it worked. So if we’re, you know, two, three weeks in and we’ve been running this campaign, we know that it’s being shown, but people haven’t walked into your practice. Well, let’s change the ads. Let’s make some adjustments because we won’t just be thinking, I hope that they come in or I hope they’ve called. Or look, we’ve had 200,000 impressions of your Ad. I’m sure someone has called or walked in. No, we’re actually able to now say, we have this number of people that saw your ad and have those people.

We know exactly how many came into your practice. We also know from which office or a competitor they came. I mean this is where it starts to just go a little crazy. So honestly, the second opinions are great. However, let’s imagine that you just because of your type of practice, there is a perfect combination of other offices that have the exact patient that you were looking for. If you are an orthodontist, pediatric dental offices, right? They are just prime. They have the exact patient that you’re looking for that you need to bring into your office. If you are a dentist and you want to do more implants and you know there’s a big box that is doing a ton of implants and huge marketing effort down the street. You could show them your second opinion at. So that’s why I’m sort of.

I can’t believe how amazing this new technology is because once I understood that it, it didn’t require the person who was sitting in that office to open up their phone, open up a game that shows ads or start searching the internet and go to a website where your ad is displayed, and then click on it. Once I understood that you do, you don’t have to do that at all. All they have to do is be in the practice with the phone. Even in their person, their pocket, as long as the phones on it will track them. So unbelievable and here’s where it gets even better. Let’s say you’re like I don’t know how long it’s going to take to start getting enough numbers of people in those offices to show enough as to bring them in.

We can do a six-month look back, so that means that we can actually say, give me all the people that were in this location in the past six months and we’re going to start running ads to those people. I think that’s how crazy it is. Okay. I think I’ve covered everything I wanted to cover. I hope you found some value. If you have questions or there’s anything I can do to support you, please let me know and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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